The importance of maintenance on roofs is often times difficult to express. Along with many things in life, if an item is out of sight, then it may be out of mind. Roofs can be a perfect example of this thought process. Very rarely do homeowners themselves inspect their roofs.

Budgets and money are always a priority. In this day and age, money can be tight for owners and every dollar in the budget counts. Spending money wisely is extremely important. The most important item to remember is that the end-all goal should be to achieve ultimate and maximum roof service life while receiving it at the right price. Having an annual maintenance program for your roof can provide you with foresight on potential costly future repairs and also peace of mind.

As stated above, most of us do not look at our roofs on a daily, monthly, or even a yearly basis as we would with landscaping or other maintenance items that are right in front of us all day every day. Our roofs could present costly issues when not addressed in a timely manner, and could potentially lead to premature roof failure. Roofs have the potential to leak for days, weeks and even months before water presents itself inside a building. We quite often believe that if we do not see a leak on the interior of our building that there is not an issue. In reality this is not the case.
There are several areas on your roof that could create immediate issues such as gutters, downspouts, cracks, sealing around vents and skylights, etc. Inspecting these areas, as well as your roof membrane, at least once a year can inform you of potential issues. The issues can then be addressed proactively and save you money in the long run. In contrast, if these issues are not addressed, you may have to deal with issues on the interior of the building such as damaged drywall, flooring and water damage. Restoration expenses could cost thousands of dollars and may be considerably more expensive than a proactive roof repair. Roof inspections, proactive roof repairs, and roof maintenance are essential in order to prevent unnecessary, costly, restoration expenses.
Short term and long term goals are vital for the lifespan of your roofs. Visual inspections are extremely important. Your roofing contractor will take pictures of your roof and any issues that are noticed. If work is completed you will be able to also see “after” pictures to ensure the work was done accordingly and as proposed. The documentation will be available online through our customer portal and is vital for your warranty or potential insurance claim.

Another important point is to keep your roof clean and clear of debris. Leaves, branches and debris left on your roof may cause it to deteriorate at a quicker rate and clog the drain system. The PH balance in some vegetative material such as pine needles will actually deteriorate the roofing material at an accelerated rate. A clogged drain system restricts the flow of water exiting the roof resulting in interior water damage or in more extreme cases will pond on the roof causing it to collapse. Putting a clean-off maintenance plan into place to remove the debris from the roofing surface will help extend the lifespan of the roof and help prevent costly repairs.

Quite obviously, no matter what type of roofing system is installed it will not last forever. You can be confident that Davis Roofing will inform you when the roof is nearing the end of its useful life. At that point, you can begin to plan for a roof replacement in the future. Planning for a future roof replacement is much less stressful than having the unpleasant surprise that your roof needs to be replaced immediately. The best solution for the roofing system will be to develop a trusted partnership with your roofing contractor. This partnership will allow all parties involved to remain informed, be proactive, remove stress, and be secure in the future of the roofing system that protects your home.

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