Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is an expense most homeowners dread, but it is also a necessity. Having a sturdy, leak-free roof protects your family, your belongings and the investment you’ve made in your home. Investing in a new covering will only increase the resale value if you ever decide to move. When your roof has reached the end of its lifespan and roof repair is no longer cutting it, call Davis Roofing for a free estimate.

When is Replacement Necessary?
Sometimes, it is easy for a homeowner to tell it’s time for roof replacement. If storm damage has torn off a large number of shingles or caused a tree branch to break through into your attic, your answer is clear. But damage severe enough to require a new roof may not always be so obvious.

Low-hanging tree branches can scrape off protective mineral granules. High winds may have blown off an excessive amount of shingles. In many cases, your roof may just be very old and repairs will only tide you over for another year or two. Our home roofing professionals will perform a free inspection and provide you with a free estimate on your roof replacement.

Roofing Materials
When it comes time for roof replacement, there are a variety of materials we are expertly equipped to install. We specialize in cedar shake, asphalt shingles, tile and metal, as well as flat roof materials like single-ply and TPO. Each has their own benefits and fits with different home styles and budgets. We will evaluate the factors that are most important to you to narrow your search.

Cedar shake – These handmade shingles offer a natural look. Because they are wood, they have a low fire-resistance rating in their natural state. However, there are professional spray coatings that can bring them up to the highest rating of protection.

Asphalt shingles – Coming in organic and fiberglass varieties, asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material by homeowners. Long-lasting and coming in a plethora of colors, there is a perfect shingle for everyone. Fiberglass has a higher fire rating than organic, although the organic can be treated to improve its rating. The mineral granules that coat the shingles can be specially treated to protect against algae, a problem in hot, humid areas.

Tile – A gorgeous addition to any home, tile offers European style with American durability. You can choose from a selection of colors and shapes. The rounded tiles have been commonly used in Spain and Italy, while the flat tiles are more common in France and England. Tile is a heavy material, so if you had shingles before, we’ll need to ensure that your home can hold the weight of a roof entirely covered by tile. Additional support may be required.

Metal – Many homeowners have found the answer to their roofing quest in metal roofs. Traditionally, it is thought that metal is loud and attracts lightening. Neither is true. Because of the underlayment and other roofing materials, a metal roof is no louder than any other. Lightening is attracted to the highest point, which is why so often trees are struck. If your roof is the highest point on your property, it will be no more likely to be struck with metal roofing than tile or shingle. And most metal roofs have the highest fire resistance rating. Metal is lightweight and can be made to look just like shingles, tile or even expensive slate.

TPO and Single-Ply – Most likely your home has a sloped roof, but if it has a flat roof, or other buildings on your property have flat roofs, we are skilled at using TPO and single-ply roofing. We can ensure the highest level of protection with seamless installation and materials that will last for decades.

Metal Roofing Materials
Home Roofing Professional
With over 65 years of combined experience, we can handle your storm damaged, leaking roof quickly with results that will last for the lifetime of your home. We are experts in roof installation, repair and replacement. Only the best products are good enough for our clients, which is why we use top brands like Owens Corning, CertainTeed, IKO and GAF. We are licensed and fully insured members of the BBB and Angie’s List. Call now for your free inspection and estimate.

We provide roof replacement in Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark, AL and surrounding communities.

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  • Why does a renovation project cost so much?

    Each project is different, and therefore the total cost will depend upon the project. We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in home and commercial building, construction, roofing, and remodeling. Please call today, 334-350-3350, and we can sit down with you and discuss what it will take to complete your project.

  • What is the timeline for the project?

    That question can’t be answered without some in-depth discussion. Give us a call today at 334-350-3350 and we can begin discussing your project.

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